• Cardano Foundation has announced a collaboration with Epoch Sports and Merchandise to introduce blockchain technology in the form of NFC patches on limited edition commemorative jerseys.
• 6,000 jerseys were already distributed at the 2023 World Lacrosse Men’s Championship, which are equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology and connected NFTs to provide assurance of authenticity.
• The collaboration aims to promote blockchain adoption and IP protection within the licensed merchandise industry.

Cardano Foundation Collaborates with Epoch Sports & Merchandise

The Cardano Foundation has made public its technical collaboration with Epoch Sports and Merchadise, a well-known sports brand based in the United States, and Merchadise, a comprehensive full-stack apparel ecosystem. The primary objective of this partnership is to introduce a limited-edition jersey that will utilize blockchain technology for authentication purposes.

Introduction of Limited Edition Commemorative Jerseys

Participants at the 2023 World Lacrosse Men’s Championship received a distribution of 6,000 Limited Edition Commemorative Jerseys. These exclusive lacrosse jerseys, produced in a limited quantity , incorporate a branded patch from Epoch that integrates near-field communication (NFC) technology. Within this patch, an embedded non-fungible token (NFT) represents a digital version of the jersey. By leveraging this technology, the physical garment establishes an inherent connection to a secure blockchain, providing irrefutable evidence of the jersey’s authenticity. Furthermore, Epoch Sports and Merchadise have detailed their intentions to release the remaining Commemorative Jerseys equipped with NFC technology and connected NFTs through the official web store of the 2023 World Lacrosse Championship.

Incentivizing Consumers With Assurance & Rewards

Including NFC patches in the jerseys serves two functions: it grants consumers assurance of authenticity when making purchases as well as access to various exclusive rewards and special offers available through scanning their NFC tags using their mobile phones or other devices . This implementation ensures that customers can verify whether they are purchasing genuine products or counterfeit copies while gaining access to additional rewards via scanning their NFC tags using their mobile phones or other devices .

Promoting Blockchain Adoption & IP Protection

The collaboration between Cardano Foundation, Epoch Sports & Merchadise aims to advance adoption of blockchain technology within licensed merchandise industry while strengthening safeguarding for licensed intellectual property (IP). Additionally, NFC chips will be securely linked to blockchain records as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as substitute for conventional licensed IP hologram tags on sports apparel through scanning them using mobile phones or other connected devices . This implementation ensures authentic purchases while also equipping IP owners with effective tools combat counterfeiting activities .

ADA Price Eyes New Heights After Partnership Announcement

Following announcement about collaboration between Cardano Foundation ,Epoch Sports &Merchandise , ADA price eyes new heights due promotion about use cases enabled by integration into sports merchandise industry such authentication , anti counterfeiting measures & incentives given via reward programs . This partnership is expected both bolster Cardano’s reputation as leading force behind blockchain innovation& drive up value for ADA token holders .

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