Earn Crypto By Working and Sharing Jobs: Join the Golden Horde!

• Shiba Inu ($SHIB) has spawned a rival in the form of „Golden Inu,“ a new crypto ecosystem.
• This ecosystem will feature a web3 platform where community members can earn from working and sharing jobs, in its phase 1.
• The „Horde“ are the citizens that make up the different alliances (aka communities) within the evolving ecosystem.


Shiba Inu ($SHIB) has not provided Shibarium layer-2 technology to date, leading to anxiety in the crypto-community. Now, there is an opportunity with $GOLDEN: „Golden Inu,“ a new crypto ecosystem, has launched their website and is showcasing their real-time, evolving community platform.

What Is Golden Inu?

This metaverse company & digital currency already has the start of their ecosystem: A web3 platform where community members can earn from working and sharing jobs, in its phase 1. Funds raised will be used in a transparent manner and decisions about the direction of the project will be controlled by the „Golden Horde,“ allegiances of citizens within this new ecosystem – dubbed as “The upwork of the crypto world”.

Who’s In The Golden Horde?

The alliances within the horde are: „Khans“ — horde leaders and governors of alliances; “The Frontier Force” — handling grass-roots and commercial marketing; “Code Warriors” — crew of passionate web3 developers; “Narrators” — providing content; and “Visionaries” — strategizing future growth plans for Golden Inu. Each alliance have tasks to help build the brand, with money earned from a community funded treasury for time & efforts contributed.


Incentives are available for those who join forces with Golden Inu early on! Token holders will get exclusive access to features such as discounts on services or products offered by partners in Golden Inus network during its first year of launch – along with access to exclusive events like meetups or conferences featuring key players in cryptocurrency space.


The much anticipated launch of this metaverse company & digital currency is here! With an innovative approach to reward users for their work & contributions through transparent funds management and decentralized decision making structure, it looks like Golden Inus vision is set to revolutionize how we view cryptocurrencies today!