Ethereum 2.0: Beacon Chain is heading for a hard fork

Ethereum’s beacon chain is getting a few updates. A hard fork should enable light clients to synchronize with validators in the future.

Unclear prospects for success

Whether or not Nevada’s lawmakers will respond to this proposal remains a big question mark. Because the draft law has not yet been officially submitted or debated. However, the state is keen to diversify its economy beyond tourism. The construction of new apartments is currently largely prohibited on the area acquired by Berns.

Steve Sisoka, the state’s Democratic governor, was benevolent of Blockchains LLC’s plans in his annual address . He highlighted the innovation potential of a blockchain city. His campaign staff had received about $ 60,000 in donations from the tech company in the past. Elon Musk’s Tesla also operates a large manufacturing facility in the state.

In the advance of Blockchains LLC, optimistic observers will have recognized the first step towards a tech utopia

Others may be more skeptical. Behind the demands of Berns one can also assume a path to that barely restricted corporate democracy that has become an integral part of gloomy future scenarios at least since the sci-fi classic Blade Runner .