VeChain Revolutionizes Billion-$-Market with Real-Time Carbon Tracking

• VeChain has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to track carbon emissions generated by transactions on its blockchain network.
• This feature was developed in collaboration with DNV and is powered by the VeChainStats data analytics platform.
• This feature will enable VeChain to contribute to the digital-sustainable revolution and make a name for itself in the industry.

VeChain Introduces Carbon Emissions Tracking

VeChain has recently announced it’s latest groundbreaking initiative, which will allow users to track carbon emissions created by transactions on its blockchain network. This feature was developed as part of VeChain’s mission to contribute to a digital-sustainable revolution via blockchain technology.

VechainStats Data Analytics Platform

The new carbon tracking feature is powered by VeChainStats, which is a leading data analytics and block explorer platform that provides advanced tools for all on-chain metrics for VeChain transactions, tokens, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and more. The platform also features a carbon calculator that can accurately calculate the carbon cost of activity in real-time, regardless of the type of transaction being carried out.

Efforts To Reduce Carbon Emissions

In an effort to reduce global carbon emissions, VeChain has successfully completed all rounds of its Steering Committee voting and is now tightening its stance on this issue. By tracking emission levels through VechainStats, users are now able to get transparent feedback on how much carbon their transaction produces when using the VechainThor network.

5 Years Of Experience In The Market

Although this new feature was just unveiled recently, VechainStats has been in the market for more than 5 years since it was founded back in 2017. This places Vechain in a positive light as conversations about reducing carbon emissions have intensified over the past few years within the cryptocurrency industry.


Overall, this new development from Vechain enables them to further their mission towards delivering a digital-sustainable revolution via blockchain technology and making an impact in reducing global carbon emissions through transparent feedback provided by their data analytics platform – VechainStats.